How To Decrease

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When it comes to money, decreasing is easy, but not so much in C2C! Decreasing feels like some super elusive, difficult to understand, impossible to accomplish magical crochet feat when you're working on a blanket. I don't know how many times I have scrapped one row, two rows, three rows or ten rows because I didn't understand where I lost a stitch, if I gained a stitch, or someone donated 20 stitches! All I knew was that I was on row 72 and should have had 72 stitches and my final count was not 72. How aggravating! 

Well, fear the decrease no more! It's really not as elusive and as magical as it would want you to believe. It's really only a couple of guiding principles that should help you with your current and future projects to limit the number or row scrapping you will have to do. Let me know if the tutorial helps you any and if you think of any other tutorials that you would like me to post, please let me know that as well! 

Step 1: Prepare to decrease: You are at your last stitch. Stop here. 

Step 2: Slip stitch in your last stitch

Step 3: Chain 2 (or 3 based on preference or if doing standard or mini C2C)

WARNING: Do NOT DC (or HDC) in this stitch (as shown below)

Step 4: Turn your work to prepare to work in the next stitch

Step 5: Continue with your pattern as you normally would. Your decrease rows will end this way each time throughout until you end. 

I hope this tutorial helps you out! Happy decreasing! 


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