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How big are the blankets when finished?

If you're crocheting, the size of the finished blanket depends on a series of factors, such as technique, stitch, hook size and yarn weight. If you do C2C (corner to corner) with a HDC stitch, a size 3.5 hook and worsted weight yarn, each square will be about half an inch in size. Which means an 80x100 graph will result in a 40x50 inch blanket.

Do you have a sample graph?

Yes! If you would like a sample, please click here to link directly to our sample graph: https://goo.gl/MO7OMO
All graphs are in PDF form.

How do I learn to Corner to Corner crochet?

There are many great articles on the web for C2C (corner to corner) tutorials; however, one of my favorites that includes step by step instructions with photos is here:


If you need more help, please feel free to contact me! I want your project to be a success!

Do you make custom or personalized orders?

YES! If you have a request, suggestion or idea, please use the following contact form: https://acrylicstew.com/pages/contact-us. 

My purchase is in a zip file and I can't open zip files!

Not a problem at all! We compress all of our pdf charts in zip files to ensure that they are not too large to download; however, if you do not have a way to open a zip file, we can still help you! Once your purchase is confirmed, we will email you the pdf files associated with your order to the email address on the order. Please contact us if you have any additional questions about this process.