How To Change Colors In C2C Crochet

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Now that you know how to C2C you should be good to go right? Nope! How can you crochet one of those awesome C2C graphgans that you want without changing colors?

Don't fret! Acrylic Stew has got you covered! Changing colors may look hard, but if you can C2C you can change colors in C2C! Take a look at this picture tutorial to see just how easy it really is! 

Do your first two dc's (double crochet) in the block before the color change is needed. Then do the third dc, but do not finish the stitch!! Once you get to the last step where you have two loops on the hook. 

Drape your new color over your hook, leaving approximately 6" of yarn to sew in later (Yes, with color changes you will have ends to sew in. There's no way around it. The more color changes, the more ends). 

Finish your dc with the new color as shown below. 

Sl st in your next stitch and proceed as you normally would with your new color. 

Please let me know if you have questions! Post them as comments on this thread, and I will be glad to help! If you have any suggestions, you can post those as well. 

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  • Hi Kat! That is a great question! The honest answer is that it depends. LOL

    If there is text…YES it matters because the blanket isn’t double-sided.

    For increasing/decreasing purposes…YES it matters so you know when to start/stop decreasing if you are working a rectangular shape.

    But for color changes and other general purposes, no it really doesn’t matter. The beauty of C2C is that the designs for the most part are truly double-sided and even though technically there is a right and a wrong side, there really isn’t. :) Does that help you any?

    Tiffany on

  • Does it matter whether the first block is considered UP or DOWN?

    How does that affect the overall pattern?

    Is the DOWN side facing you, considered the back of your work?

    Kat on

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