How Much Yarn Do I Need?

Estimating color amount is very difficult because there are so many variables such as (1)  hook size used, (2) yarn weight, and even (3) individual crocheter tension just to name a few.  The other problem is that if you're anything like us, you always have scrap laying around, so for new projects we use a combination of scrap and purchased yarn on our graphgans. How can we measure that?

Well, we can't! 

Knowing how much yarn you need is not lost though!

You can calculate an estimate of how much yarn you will need for your project by following these steps and using our awesome calculator: 

1. Crochet a few stitches using the method you plan to use for your project (for example, C2C, single crochet, etc.), the hook you plan to use, and the yarn weight you plan on using. 

2. Measure how much yarn you used to crochet one stitch. 

Enter the information into the calculator below: