DC C2C vs Mini C2C

Posted by Tiffany Anderson on

So, you have made your first C2C, and now you have the technique down! You feel confident! You feel magnificent! Your blanket is beautiful, and you can't wait to start your next project! You see your next whopper of a pattern that is over 200 stitches wide and know that if you even think about trying to start this blanket in a standard dc C2C the blanket will be enormous! You want a blanket...not a circus tent! What can you do? 

Well, the Stew is here to help! The C2C stitch is so beautiful, but you are correct in thinking that a 200 stitch blanket would be extremely large in a standard dc C2C. So, that is why we are going to tell you the about alternative...the Mini hdc C2C! 

Does it sound complicated? Well, it's not! Especially since you already know how to dc C2C! We created this handy graph to show you just how easy is! 

So, for the example above, if you were to use an E hook (3.5 mm), with worsted weight yarn and do a mini C2C, a 200x200 stitch blanket would come out to approximately 100x100 stitches! Yes, half the size! The mini C2C is a handy little tool to have in your storehouse! Hope you like it. Let us know if you try it. 


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